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Emily Habeck author of Shark Heart
Emily Habeck, author of Shark Heart >> visit site

Kathryn Ma author of The Chinese Groove
Kathryn Ma, author The Chinese Groove >> visit site

Helen Elaine Lee author of Pomegranate
Helen Elaine Lee, author Pomegranate >> visit site

Jen Beagin author of Big Swiss
Jen Beagin author of Big Swiss
>> visit site

corinna luyken website
Corinna Luyken, author & illustrator of My Heart >> visit site

Jessamine Chan the school for good mothers
Jessamine Chan, The School for Good Mothers >> visit site

Anthony Doerr author website
Anthony Doerr, author of
Cloud Cuckoo Land
>> visit site

Sophie Blackall, author & illustrator >> visit site

Laurie Lico Albanese, author of Hester >> visit site

Chelsea Bieker, author of Heart Broke >> visit site

Catherine Raven, author of
Fox & I
>> visit site

Grant Ginder, author of Let's Not Do That Again >> visit site

Joseph Earl Thomas, author of Sink >> visit site

Daisy Florin, author of My Last Innocent Year >> visit site

Maureen McLane author website
Maureen McLane, author of
More Anon
>> visit site

Kirstin Valdez Quade
Kirstin Valdez Quade, author of The Five Wounds >> visit site

Qian Julie Wang
Qian Julie Wang author of Beautiful Country >> visit site

Sarai Walker author website
Sarai Walker, author of
The Cherry Robbers
>> visit site

Jamie Figueroa website design
Jamie Figueroa, Brother, Sister, Mother, Explorer >> visit site

Christina Baker Kline author of Orphan Train
Christina Baker Kline, author of Orphan Train >> visit site

Peter Schickele P.D.Q Bach
Peter Schickele | P.D.Q. Bach
>> visit site

Alice Elliot Dark, author of
Fellowship Point
>> visit site

Daniel James Brown author
Daniel James Brown, Boys in the Boat >> visit site

Elisha Cooper
Elisha Cooper, author of
Yes & No
>> visit site

Natasha Trethewey website
Natasha Trethewey, author of Memorial Drive >> visit site

Peter Ho Davies Website
Peter Ho Davies, author of The Fortunes >> visit site

Caitlin Wahrer website
Caitlin Wahrer, author of The Damage >> visit site

Ellis Cose author
Ellis Cose, author of Democracy, If We Can Keep It >> visit site

author website
Frederick Weisel, author of The Day He Left >> visit site

Emma Copley Eisenberg
Emma Copley Eisenberg, author of The Third Rainbow Girl >> visit site

Ben Moser pulitzer prize winning author of Sontag
Ben Moser, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Sontag >> visit site

David Weiden author of Winter Counts
David Heska Wanbli Weiden, author of Winter Counts >> visit site

Ashley Audrain, author of The Push >> visit site

Brittany Cavallaro, author of
Muse >> visit site

Karen Russell website
Karen Russell, author of Orange World >> visit site

Anita Felicelli author
Anita Felicelli, author of Love Songs for A Lost Continent >> visit site

Luis Urrea
Luis Urrea, author of The House of Broken Angels >> visit site

Pip Drysdale, author of The Paris Affair
>> visit site

Barbara Becker author
Barbara Becker, author of
>> visit site

mary Beth Keane
Mary Beth Keane, author of Ask Again, Yes >> visit site

Daniel Wallace author of big fish
Daniel Wallace, author of Extraordinary Adventures
>> visit site

Andrew Fukuda author
Andrew Fukuda, author of The Light Between Us >> visit site

Steph Cha author
Steph Cha, author of Your House Will Pay >> visit site

Michelle Bowdler author
Michelle Bowdler, author of Is Rape A Crime? >> visit site

Mitchell S. Jackson, author of The Residue Years >> visit site

Jennie Fields author
Jennie Fields, author of Atomic Love
>> visit site

Ann Napolitano website
Ann Napolitano, author of Dear Edward >> visit site

catherine chung author of tenth muse
Catherine Chung, author of The Tenth Muse >> visit site

Meghan Daum, author of The Problem with Everything >> visit site

Mark Jenkins, journalist
>> visit site

Glendy Vanderah author website
Glendy Vanderah, author of Where the Forest Meets the Stars
>> visit site

Nancy Sherman, author of Afterwar
>> visit site

Paula Hawkins Website
Paula Hawkins, author of
The Girl on the Train

>> visit site

Heather Young author
Heather Young, author of The Distant Dead >> visit site

Tom Perrotta
Tom Perrotta, author of Mrs. Fletcher >> visit site

Kate Dawson
Kate Winkler Dawson, author of American Sherlock >> visit site

Shadi Bartsch website
Shadi Bartsch >> visit site

AJ Banner website
AJ Banner >> visit site

Marie-Helene Bertino website design
Marie-Helene Bertino, author of
Safe As Houses
>> visit site

Liza Mundy Website
Liza Mundy, author of Code Girls
>> visit site

Greer Hendricks Website
Greer Hendricks, author of The Wife Between Us
>> visit site

Gilbert King Website
Gilbert King, author of Beneath a Ruthless Sun
>> visit site

Preslaya Williams
Preslaysa Williams, author of Healing Hannah's Heart >> visit site

Kirstin Chen
Kirstin Chen, author of Bury What We Cannot Take >> visit site

Dorothy Holinger author
Dorothy P. Holinger, author of The Anatomy of Grief >> visit site

Eleanor Henderson
Eleanor Henderson, author of The Twleve Mile Straight >> visit site

Gabrial Urza website
Gabriel Urza, author of
All That Followed
>> visit site

Major Jackson
Major Jackson, author of Roll Deep
>> visit site

Deb Spera
Deb Spera, author of Call Your Daughter Home
>> visit site

Sayantani DasGupta, author of The Serpent's Secret
>> visit site

Julie Langsdorf
Julie Langsdorf, author of White Elephant
>> visit site

Tania James
Tania James, author of Loot
>> visit site

kevin wilson website design
Kevin Wilson, author of Perfect Little World >> visit site

junot diaz website design
Junot Díaz, author of This Is How You Lose Her >> visit site

Kim Phillips-Fein  Website
Kim Phillips-Fein, author of Fear City >> visit site

Meg Waite Clayton
Meg Waite Clayton, The Last Train To London >> visit site

Author Website Ilsa Brink design
Martin Garbus, author of North of Havana >> visit site

Author Website Ilsa Brink design
Judith Schwartz, author of Reindeer Chronicles >> visit site

Crystal Hana Kim author site
Crystal Hana Kim, author of If You Leave Me >> visit site

laura Van den Berg author site
Laura Van Den Berg, author of The Third Hotel >> visit site

Author Website Ilsa Brink design
Deborah Layton, author of Seductive Poison >> visit site

Author Website Ilsa Brink design
Chris Harris, author of I'm Just No Good at Rhyming >> visit site

Author Website Ilsa Brink design
Theo Emery, author of Hellfire Boys
>> visit site

Author Website Ilsa Brink design
Ella Martinsen Gorham
>> visit site

Shari Lapena author site
Shari Lapena, author of The Couple Next Door >> visit site

Randi Hutter Epstein website
Randi Hutter Epstein, author of Aroused >> visit site

Derek Palacio author site
Derek Palacio, author of The Mortifications >> visit site

Jordan Fisher Smith author site
Jordan Fisher Smith, author of Engineering Eden >> visit site

Amy Stolls author website
Amy Stolls, author of The Ninth Wife
>> visit site

Yoojin Grace Wertz, author of Everything Belongs To Us
>> visit site

Nicholas Mainieri author site
Nicholas Mainieri, author of The Infinite
>> visit site

Neal Bascomb Website
Neal Bascomb, author of
The Winter Fortress
>> visit site

David Michael Slater, author of Fun & Games >> visit site

Daniel Sharfstein Website
Daniel J Sharfstein, author of Thunder in the Mountains
>> visit site

Paula Whyman author site
Paula Whyman, author of You May See A Stranger >> visit site

RL Maizes author website
R.L. Maizes, author of We Love Anderson Cooper
>> visit site

Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan author website
Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, author of
Sarong Party Girls

>> visit site

Suzanne Koven author website
Suzanne Koven, author of
>> visit site

Janice Nimura website
Janice Nimura, author of
Daughters of the Samurai
>> visit site

Sackett Street Writers Website
Sackett Street Writers
>> visit site

Tatjana Soli Tatjana Soli, author of The Removes >> visit site

Lauren Belfer author website
Lauren Belfer, author of And After the Fire >> visit site

The Importance of Being Little
Erika Christakis, author of
The Importance of Being Little
>> visit site

Sari Wilson author of Girl Through Glass
Sari Wilson, author of
Girl Through Glass
>> visit site

Nana-Ama Danquah, author of
Willow Weep For Me >> visit site

Elizabeth Rosner
Elizabeth Rosner
author of Electric City
>> visit site

Melissa DiCarlo
Melissa DeCarlo, author of
The Art of Crash Landing
>> visit site

Liz Egan Website
Elisabeth Egan, author of
A Window Opens

>> visit site

Artis Henderson website design
Artis Henderson, author of Un-Remarried Widow >> visit site

Deborah Cramer website
Deborah Cramer, author of
The Narrow Edge >> visit site

Smith Henderson author website
Smith Henderson, author of Fourth of July Creek >> visit site

Mira Jacob
Mira Jacob, author of
The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing >> visit site

Claire Cameron website design
Susan Troccolo, author of The Beet Goes On >> visit site

Augustus Rose author website
Augustus Rose, author of The Readymade Thief
>> visit site

Andrew Roe
Andrew Roe, author of
The Miracle Girl
>> visit site

Marjorie Liu website
Marjorie Liu, author of Labyrinth of Stars >> visit site

Sunil Yapa author of Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist
Sunil Yapa, author of Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist
>> visit site

Amy Weiss author website
Amy Weiss, author of Crescendo
>> visit site

Julia Fierro
Julia Fierro, author of Cutting Teeth
>> visit site

Kim Church
Kim Church, author of Byrd
>> visit site

website design for Makiia Lucier
Makiia Lucier, author of
A Death-Struck Year
>> visit site

Joanna Rakoff
Joanna Rakoff, author of My Salinger Year >> visit site

Tracy Guzeman Website design
Tracy Guzeman, author of The Gravity of Birds >> visit site

Emily Raboteau Website
Emily Raboteau, author of
Searching for Zion >> visit site

Jean Kwok Jean Kwok, author of Girl In Translation >> visit site

Dina Nayeri Website Design
Dina Nayeri, author of A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea >> visit site

website design for Robin Black
Robin Black, author of If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This
>> visit site

Mario Alberto Zambrano website design
Mario Alberto Zambrano, author of Lotería >> visit site

Jeanne Marie Laskas website design
Jeanne Marie Laskas, author of Concussion >> visit site

Megan Marshall
Megan Marshall, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Margaret Fuller >> visit site

Carolina De Robertis Website
Carolina De Robertis, author of Perla and The Invisible Mountain
>> visit site

Natalie Dykstra's website
Natalie Dykstra, author of Clover Adams >> visit site

Harriet Scott Chessman
>> visit site

Siobhan Fallon
Ben Rogers, author of
The Heavy Side
>> visit site




"Ilsa was the fourth web site designer I hired, and the only one who got it right. She read my book and picked exactly the imagery I would have picked if I’d designed the site myself. She has incredible attention to detail, and she’s been impeccable in her follow-up in the six months since the site launched, even though she just had twins! I hope to be working with Ilsa for many years to come as my writing career and web site requirements evolve."
—Jan Ellison

"Ilsa is an incredible graphic artist and website designer!  She seamlessly translated what I wanted for my website into compelling visuals that represented me and my work perfectly. She also has been available to answer any questions I've had as I continue to work with my site and update it. I highly recommend her!"
— Kelly Barron, writer and mindfulness facilitator

"Ilsa Brink was creative, knowledgeable, and patient as we collaborated over the concept for my website. The final product was even better than I had envisioned. I enjoy working with her, and would recommend her to anyone seeking a website with artistic flare, clarity, and heart."
—Eileen Rockefeller 

"Ilsa Brink has already made a name for herself as the go-to designer for knockout author websites. I approached her to build mine expecting I couldn't afford her, and was pleasantly surprised to find her rates so reasonable. She allowed me to collaborate from soup to nuts, offering excellent suggestions along the way.  I'm so pleased with the results and couldn't have asked for a better experience." 
—Emily Raboteau 

"When I opened up the first of Ilsa's proposed designs for my website, I literally gasped. Ilsa had read my novel and then created something that not only fit the world of my book, but also moved me. It was beautiful, evocative, eloquent. Ilsa isn't simply a computer expert, she is truly a designer, and that makes all the difference." 
—Jean Kwok

Ilsa Brink is fantastic.  In every way.  Her websites are lovely.  (Many people have complimented mine.)  And as you go through the design process, she is unfailingly patient and kind.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Kristin von Kreisler

"From start to finish, Ilsa provided much more than I expected. She immediately grasped what I was looking for in a website and came up with many creative ways of achieving my goals. She met my budget and schedule, and has been prompt addressing any requested updates. But that's all about process--in the end, what Ilsa created speaks for itself: a beautiful, engaging, informative website people keep returning to. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat!"
—Allison Hoover Bartlett

"Ilsa's extraordinary style, vision, and design sense transformed what could have been a drab website into something that earns raves from everyone who sees it. It isn't easy to create a mood online while delivering important and varied information. But Ilsa is the master of this and I will hire her again and again and again. What's more, she is truly a wonderful person." 
—Linda Himelstein

"This is one of the best book websites I’ve ever seen! It combines elegance with ease-of-navigation, and manages to engage the viewer quickly and sustain that interest, just the way the book does. Bravo!!!!"
—Jim Levine of Levine Greenberg, Literary Agency, Inc.

"Thank you again, Ilsa. I can't tell you how much this is all exceeding my wildest expectations!"
—Meg Waite Clayton

"Ilsa is an incredibly gifted web site designer. If you look at all her different sites, you'll see how sensitive and open she is to individual wishes and visions; this capacity to engage with her clients has led her to create astonishingly various designs. I can't recommend her highly enough."
—Harriet Scott Chessman