Wedding Invitation
Watercolor wedding invitations with personalized map of Portland, OR

Illustrated Map
Watercolor map of Southside Place, TX

Wedding Invitations
Watercolor save the date and invitation for Oregon wedding

alstahaug family reunion

Drawings from my visit to the town where my Great Grandmother grew up in Norway.


Salinger Calendars

Salinger Calendars
I love Franny and Zooey, Catcher in the Rye, Nine Stories, and Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters. To help make me smile throughout the days I've been making desk calendars each year with illustrations inspired by my favorite Salinger quotes.


2013 Gocco Calender

2012 Gocco Calender

2011 Gocco Calender


2010 Calendars
Hand printed gocco calendar inspired by the landscape of Minnesota, my "soul home".


gocco process


The Egg

A story about an Easter egg found in Minnehaha Park, Minnesota.


Let the Right One In

One of my favorite movies.


Almanzo silkscreened Posters

Almanzo 100 Poster

Almanzo Posters
Silkscreened posters printed for the Almanzo, a 100 mile gravel bike race in Spring Valley, Minnesota.

Concert Posters
Silkscreened concert posters



birthday calendar

Birthday Calendar
This calendar features illustrations of some of my favorite forest creatures: a deer, a sugar glider, a robin, a hedge hog, an owl, and my very favorite, the snow weasle. The calendar was printed with a Gocco printer on 110 lb cover paper in Classic Crest Bright White.



pippin book

Pippin Book
I have so many wonderful memories of Pippin, and I loved reliving some of my favorite things about him while making this book. Roll over the images above to see what Pippin loves.